Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Arrow of Light Cake

I got asked to do a cake for a ten-year-old who was receiving his Arrow of Light for Cub Scouts. I had been sick for a few days previous and completely forgot about this order until the night before when I got called to ask if it was still on. So his dad brought me a plain white-iced cake from Albertson's and I just added all the decorations including the blue border. The Arrow of Light and the letters are all hand cut and of fondant.

I learned to keep 3-year-olds away from the cake until you're done! My son tried to put the lid on for me and gashed the left side so I had to fix it with extra blue dots. I love doing lettering whether it is with fondant, paint, markers, pens or crayons. My husband says that every time we go to a restaurant, it's me that is using the kids' menu to write letters. I have tried all these different cutters for letters but I am too picky. I like cutting them out myself. That way, they can be special for each cake too.

Congratulations Bobby!

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